Personal relationship ranging from metamours and/or telemours are firmly encouraged otherwise called for

Hinge: New common mate ranging from two different people – so-called just like the in using molds to explain “polycules,” theyre often the part a form relies on; and because hinges normally unlock and you will romantic, just like the a handy metaphor having discussing the connection anywhere between metamours.

Kitchen table Polyamory: Means of polyamorous relationships where the interrelationship out-of good community, while the integration away from several romantic dating on the you to definitely lifetime otherwise group, try prioritized

Title is inspired by the idea that most people in a great system “is sit around your kitchen desk in their PJs, ingesting coffee” (Kimchi Cuddles #452)

Long distance Relationships: A romance in which the couples try physically faraway from one some other; since this is care about laid out and you will situationally outlined, an extended point relationship for anyone whom does not have uniform transportation might getting having anybody far away one to anybody else try not to believe a lot of time point. Have a tendency to abbreviated LDR.

N: A several person polycule in which A and you will B was romantically in it; B and C was romantically on it; and you can C and you will D is romantically inside it, but there are no triads in this you to network. Possibly also called a-z .

The brand new Relationships Opportunity: New excitement and you can giddiness that is included with an alternative relationships and its first stages; specific scientists believe it is the consequence of oxcytocin and you will vasopressin. It is probably compulsive and you will similar to limerence, aside from it happens once a romance has begun. It may be extremely confident, however for many people jittery and you can tricky. Tend to abbreviated NRE.

Nonbinary: A guy describes as nonbinary once they feel that neither binary gender applies to him or her. They might implement a lot more conditions that comprise the gender expression once the an identification along with nonbinary once the an intercourse term umbrella term. It title constantly is visible to fall according to the umbrella off transgender. Frequently it’s shortened to help you nb otherwise “ enby , ” specially when used by nonbinary individuals on their own.

Non-Hierarchical Matchmaking: Relationships and this shoot for equal self-reliance and you will reputation of dating alternatively than prioritizing that over another. Talking about maybe not resistant away from “ built-in ladder,” such as for example common responsibilities that have somebody which have which that shares students otherwise a home, or exactly who one has become with a lot longer go out, nonetheless ascribe so you’re able to a fantastic out-of related to all the system players inside discussions away from laws alter that may impression them and you will limiting prioritization when possible.

Old Dating Energy: The coziness and you can cover associated with an established relationship. Included in compare so you’re able to NRE and frequently abbreviated ORE.

That Manhood Plan: Securely enforced regulations that there can only end up being you to definitely cock-having private (generally an excellent cis guy) inside a romance community. Usually experienced transphobic as they are usually phrased because “one man,” doubt brand new genders regarding trans people and you can trans men; and generally experienced belittling out of relationships ranging from female because ways that same gender matchmaking is actually “safer”toward cis man imposing that it signal for the lover(s).

Open Polycule : A love circle where individuals are welcome to look for extra lovers and you can enter the fresh dating.

Most other Spouse: A critical most other away from of them number 1 or nesting companion; have a tendency to an expression utilized by anybody newly typing a great polyamorous dating if you’re already from inside the a partnership.

Limerence: A disposition and therefore results from an enchanting appeal in order to another individual and you can typically is sold with obsessive thoughts and you may dreams and you can good need to function or manage a love to the target from love; often named “brand new anxious element of NRE

Parallel Polyamory: Technique of polyamorous dating in which everyone relationships is present mostly independent of possibly lovers additional intimate otherwise intimate relationship, and also in and that there’s not a deliberate work on entwining the partnership circle. Indeed there ours otherwise telemours, but there’s zero significance of this there is lower or no get in touch with ranging from certain members of the greater relationship network.

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